Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Growing Dark Seed

It was unknown, But was plant deep.
And its power is steering the Plains of Peaceful Mind.

There beings, one who planted Life, and another Darkness, Bitterness and Power. For year later, both of the become trees A Fig and a Rose Tress. One day there is a boy walk by, and curious about those trees , that boy was name Johnathyr. Suddenly , A rude voice from the Rose Tree say" Take my seed and eat it so that you will get what you desire". When the boy was about to take the seed, The Fig tree whispers gently " Do you really need all this more than your life?" Strangely , the boy take the Seed and the Fig , and keep it and eats it.For that day he was, enlighten. During that time,people around accuse him,used him, he hate with silence,and cry without a sound. But what was worth for him to be happy, is that he finally gain something, something he wish for it to happen long ago. He wins no only with his sword, also his sound words. He become a favorite to the Elders, Though He fought for his people, no one remembers him , And try to rob everything from him. Even that happens, Johnathyr gain his repute as a noble knight he had just become a favorite shining star to the Elders, and they can help to repeat his deeds over and over again. It's been a good start for such young life like him, but who knows the power of Fig and the Seed start to grows, and start to fight inside his Plains of Peaceful Mind, both sides can't wins. Will he have a Shinning future , or just the Darkness awaits him ahead ? May Light have mercy on him, a pitiful creature.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

My Dark Story from the Pass

Here is some short introduction of myself , I mean my younger period , I guess you might say , "it's all the same , we been through all the same thing , nothing much to discuss ." , well I should say " how you it starts will affect the future ".

During my primary period , I am quite stupid and dump compare to other children , I can't think properly , slow , not welcome or people always taking advantage of me , like cheating my money . It's like my mind can't function properly , like body is already 22 yet my mine is still 17 , like kids , but ...hahahah it's also my advantage , for I am able to social with young people .

It really cause me a lot of problem to me in the future such as my current issue , not able to speak Malay , Desperate for Attention and Social and stuff .

From the beginning , when I were studying primary 1 , it was my bad one , because I actually English educated during my kindergarden stage , so my family want to send me to Sam Tek boy school , but i can't meet the requirement , so my mom sent me to Yuk Choy .

Yuk Choy is a chinese primary school , well I think you know what's going to happen . Ya! I have difficulties of understanding chinese . And I am quite a naughty little boy who always bullies or cry out loud messing around the the result comes...the scores are sucks , and I am always the one who beat up by my teachers and my mom .

On and on , some my parents always scolded me as stupid , and teacher beats me about my laziness , it had become a bad seed planted in my heart , and those so call friends abbandon me with no reason , they dislike me all the sudden , so I can say , I don't have any friends during that time , still I am not that worry yet .

Until I reach primary 4 and till 6 .... it was just worst and worst , this time is people bully me , and some more you can't fight back , you have no power , my parents and those dump teachers can't even help me at all , I'm humiliated , it really angers me a lot in my heart and slowly it becomes a poison of cannot forgive , I can't forgive people who cheats my money , and they destroy stuff that my parents gave me , they steal and all that ..... why me. During that time , I love drawing , and I like drawing monsters , so those freak took my drawing and show it to that teacher , and I get beat up again , and I get my title call Demon Lord , and every time I complain of people bullies me , I get beat up again . I feel very insulted and feel very pressure every time I come to school , though I hate a lot inside but I still like to be quite so I can stay out of trouble.

It's been like this for 3 years , one day a girl asked me , "Chuan Heng , you done have any friends" then I was like" do I have any ?" , think clearly .... No!!... from that moment , I start to find , every where , until graduate , seriously no one remembers me (though its quite normal) , so I really feel alone , I really feel desperate for attention and all that .

Well here is my Primary , ya! It's not that special , but painful . And I didn't know it gave me a lot hate and other problems later on , before I graduated , I even thought of suicide .Worst? Damn it .

So here I just wan to say , be brave to face everyday , and be happy , there is a lot of people who are more misfortune than us . So be thankful everyday that you are able to woke up alive,I think God that I am allow to be alive until now to share with you my little boring tells .

Hahahaha! Sorry for bored you so long , but thanks for reading , I'll try to write well and make it more interesting to you , if you have anything you wanna know , you can ask , and by the way here's my question for today, "What is the most memorable thing in your primary" ....

Ok, I think I'm gonna stop here ,see you next time, take care and God Bless ^^D

Thursday, January 7, 2010


EMO JOHN!! That's what people always called me , people use to describe me as sad or sadism, dark or evil,cruel , weird , frenzy or other thing . Here is 1 thing they all mistaken , do you really think I'm an emo ? But I can honestly tell you that I'm not or maybe sometimes YES , I just like the style of it , and ya! I felt that all the time , I just felt that people misunderstood me a lot , during to yr 08 until now , it causes me to having less and less friends , even no matter how friendly I'm trying to be , things doesn't work that way . I wish all to end soon .

Anyways , for this new season , I'm going to cut the emo thing , one thing very obvious that I will try to do the most its to be happy , and smile all the time . For real , I actually feel good in both sides , sad or happy , its just the same to me , but I'm try to be a happy one so that I'll look sociable . 2 things I will still do is that , I'll still listen to sad songs and wearing black clothes , and what's changed is that I'll change my attitude towards life , everyday and see what God will do in His grand design on me , I'll hand over all things to him and worry less .

By the way , I wish the same as well , happy too . Have a nice day and God Bless . Peace^^

Monday, January 4, 2010

Just Wanna Say Hi

Whew! 1stly I want to say hi! To everyone who views my blog , thanks for reading my page .

This is the second time I really try to write in the blog , the reason I wanna make this blog , its to expressing myself , sometimes I just feel hesitate to speak , I have some phobia of sharing myself sometimes . So this page its for me to write down this that makes me feel sick , I try that before , there was one guy that really pisses me of and makes me throw the f... word for few month , when I try to write out all my hatred out , it seems that I better . Though it keeps coming back to me , but at least i feel better .

Nextly I want to share my daily life to you , and in the same time listen to you guys for opinion for stuff, I will as well sharing some of my artwork to you, you can critic me if you want^^ .

I hope I will be able to write more in the coming days . I think I'll stop here , till next we meet .

Anyways , go with Gods blessing and have a nice day . Take care . ^^